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Types of Braces in Arlington, VA

There are 3 types of braces that we have here at the Virginia Center for Orthodontics. 


Mini braces

Mini braces are the smallest kind of braces with a unique design to straighten teeth quickly. With these braces, you will be proud to smile during and after your treatment! They are very comfortable and easy to wear. At VCO, we have 20 different colors for the small ties that go around the braces - this means you can have a little fun and show off your braces with pride. The ties get changed at every appointment and they can show school spirit or team colors. 


Clear ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are a clear orthodontic solution that allows you to confidently live your life while your teeth are being straightened. These exceptionally clear braces are appropriate for nearly every type of orthodontic need, and work continuously throughout treatment. Whether you’re at work or at play, ceramic braces deliver your ideal smile with no interruption to your treatment or active lifestyle. They provide a highly esthetic solution for orthodontics and straigthen teeth quickly and effectively. Most of our adult patients prefer these kinds of braces. 


Hidden or lingual braces

Hidden braces go on the inside of your teeth. Hidden braces work just like regular braces, except no one will see them. They are small, smooth, and seamlessly fit onto the back of your teeth. Hidden braces are digitally customized just for you, so treatment is as precise, efficient, and as comfortable as possible. 




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