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Jaw Surgery Orthodontics


At your complimentary consultation appointment, Dr. Markova will do a full face analysis with the Six Elements Philosophy to make sure that the chin, lips, jaws, and teeth are in balance. 


Sometimes, the jaws did not grow as expected and jaw surgery is necessary to correct things. Dr. Markova will work closely with an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon throughout the entire course of treatment. 


Braces are required prior to jaw surgery to align the teeth and then everything comes together after the surgery. 


Since Dr. Markova is Arlington's premier Orthodontist for Surgical Orthodontics, she will fully discuss every aspect of what the treatment entails. She will be by your side from start to finish!


Call today for a complimentary facial and smile analysis to see how we can help: 703-774-3070

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