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Jaw Surgery Orthodontics

At your complimentary consultation appointment, Dr. Markova will do a full face analysis with the Six Elements Philosophy to make sure that the chin, lips, jaws, and teeth are in balance. 


Sometimes, the jaws did not grow as expected and jaw surgery is necessary to correct the bite and improve facial esthetics. The most common issues that jaw surgery corrects is sleep apnea and underbites. Dr. Markova will work closely with an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon throughout the entire course of treatment. 




Since Dr. Markova is Arlington's premier Orthodontist for Surgical Orthodontics, she will fully discuss every aspect of what the treatment entails. She will be by your side from start to finish! She has personally assisted Oral Surgeons during operations and is comfortable guiding patients through the process. 


Call today for a complimentary facial and smile analysis to see how we can help. 

Call today: 703-774-3070
Jaw surgery can be used to correct underbites, overbites, facial asymmetry, gummy smiles, recessed Chins, and sleep apnea. 
Before jaw surgery VCO Orthodontics


After jaw surgery VCO Orthodontics


The jaw surgery process involves placing braces on the teeth to align the teeth and situate the roots of the teeth properly within the jaw bones. Then, the surgeon makes multiple "breaks" in the jaw bones and the bones are fixed with titanium plates in the proper position. Rubber bands are connected to the braces to help set the bones. The braces stay on for an additional 4-6 months post surgery to stabilize the healing of the bones. Most patients complete the entire process in about 1 year. 

Before jaw surgery open bite VCO Orthodontincs


After jaw surgery open bite VCO Orthodontics


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