Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment option to straighten out teeth using a series of custom made clear aligners, specifically for you. Invisalign trays are less noticeable than braces and can be taken on and off. The Invisalign trays have movements built in that slowly move your teeth into the ideal position over time. Invisalign aligners are designed to move each tooth individually so if you have veneers or crowns, Invisalign treatment is still an option. Dr. Markova, at VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, will be happy to evaluate your individual needs.

Moss times attachments are necessary to place different pressure points on your teeth. Attachments are small, tooth-colored composite bumps that are bonded to certain teeth, which allow the aligners to fit snugly on the teeth in order to move them toward the ideal position. Attachments are placed by Dr. Markova and have different configurations for different movement positions. In order to see the Invisalign attachments, someone would have to be standing about 1 foot away from your mouth. They are really quite invisible!

Buttons are another small auxiliary that can be added into your treatment as well. These can be tooth colored or metal depending what tooth it is placed on. The buttons act as an anchor to attach rubber bands to. Rubber band wear helps bring your bite together and can help align your midlines.

Invisalign treatment does not impact your day-to-day significantly. The only differences are Invisalign trays need to be worn at least 22 hours a day in order for them to be effective. Since the trays can be taken out, there are no limits to what you can eat or drink (just be careful with things like coffee or curry that can stain or discolor the attachments!). The ability to take them out also allows for normal brushing and flossing. Since the Invisalign trays are clear, most people may not know you even have them. Your speech might be affected initially, with a slight lisp, but after a couple days, your tongue will adjust to the trays and there should be no issue with speaking normally. It is also normal for you to experience a little bit of discomfort or pressure the first few days of a new tray.

To create the custom Invisalign aligners, we take an initial, 3D digital scan of your teeth using our iTero scanner. Throughout treatment, refinement scans with our iTero scanner are necessary to make additional trays to continue the process of moving your teeth into the ideal position. Refinement scans allow us to order a new set of aligners that fit ideally for the best tooth movements. After you have reached the ideal smile, you will be finished with treatment. However, the work is not done yet! You will be given a set of retainers that will need to be worn for the rest of your life if you don't want your teeth to shift. The amount of wear time changes over time and differs from each person.

At VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, our orthodontic consultations are complimentary. If you are interested in orthodontic treatment options, schedule a consultation appointment today! We accept all ages, both kids and adults. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children have an initial orthodontic evaluation starting at the age of 7. This is the age when multiple adult teeth should be coming in and we can start to see if there are problems with the adult teeth or jaw growth. For adult patients, there can be some sudden shifting of the teeth. Teeth will shift throughout our lifetimes and you might be noticing recent shifting. If this happens, we recommend you see an orthodontist right away since generally the issue will get worse. If teeth shift too much, then you can start hitting/touching the teeth at improper angles and can cause fracture or bite issues.

Invisalign Orthodontist Arlington, VA

At your consultation appointment, we start off by giving you a tour of our office and then you will be seated in our private consultation room. Once seated in the consultation room, you will have the opportunity to meet with our Orthodontist and explain any concerns you have about your teeth or smile. The Orthodontist will then examine your teeth and discuss options for orthodontic treatment, if necessary. We offer Invisalign clear aligners, metal and ceramic braces, and invisible lingual braces. You should not experience any discomfort or pain during this appointment. A customized treatment plan will be designed for you and the process will be thoroughly explained. We take in consideration your specific concerns and make sure you feel comfortable with the process. For example, sometimes braces work faster than Invisalign treatment or sometimes there are bite problems that need to be corrected to improve the gum health. An estimated time of orthodontic treatment will be given, along with different options for treatment. If other dental work or services need to be taken care of first, that will be discussed as well. We work closely with many other dental offices and dental specialists in the area and can help you coordinate options like veneers, crowns, whitening, or gum esthetics to reach your ideal smile.

If you provide us with your insurance information, we are able to call on your behalf to find out any orthodontic benefits you have. Your insurance benefits will be reviewed with you and a customized financial plan will be presented and explained. If you choose to start treatment at VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, we can accommodate you the same day! You don't have to wait and schedule another appointment to get started.

If you decide to start your smile journey with braces, whether that be metal or ceramic, the first appointment involves bonding your braces on your teeth and placing your wires in. The process of getting braces can be daunting for some, especially if you don't know what to expect. Don't worry, we're here to explain it! The procedure itself is painless for most people and nothing should hurt during the appointment.

First, a device is placed into your mouth to help keep your mouth open and dry and to help keep your tongue out of the way. This acts as a suction device to help clear out any extra saliva. The goal of this suction device is two-fold: 1) To keep the teeth dry so that the composite braces glue will stick and 2) to make sure that you are not choking on saliva.

Then, we place "shampoo" on the teeth, which is a blue gel-like substance to help clean off the surface of the tooth. This is rinsed off and the teeth are dried with air to help make everything dry.

Then, we place "conditioner" on the teeth called primer. This is a substance that is placed on each tooth to prepare the enamel for the application of the adhesive. Now, your teeth are ready for the braces installation!

Braces on teeth in Arlington, VA

Composite glue is placed on to each bracket and each bracket is placed individually to the corresponding tooth. Each bracket is a different shape and is designed specifically for the corresponding tooth. The extra glue is cleaned off and the brackets are positioned in their ideal place. A blue curing light is shined on to each bracket to help the glue harden faster.

After all the brackets are glued on, the wires are placed. The initial wire is very thin and flexible but don't be fooled, you will probably feel some soreness in a few hours. Then, small rubber band-like ties are used to tie the wire to the brackets. This is when you can choose a color of your choice! When the wires are being tied into the brackets, it is normal to start feeling some pressure. The soreness typically starts to kick in a few hours after the appointment since it takes a little bit of time for the teeth to start to move. Once the wire is tied into all the brackets, you've got yourself a new smile! At VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, we go over all the instructions on how to take care of your braces and answer any questions you may have!

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