Fast Invisalign® and Fast Braces 


There are 2 different options to speed up tooth movement - AcceleDent® and Propel®. Both options will be discussed with adult and teen patients and can be used with Invisalign®, clear aligners, hidden braces, or ceramic braces. 


AcceleDent® is a vibrating device that stimulates teeth to move faster. It uses gentle micro vibrations that allow a patient to reduce the overall treatment time by 30%. This is a hands-free device that is used for 10-20 minutes per day while watching TV or reading. It is very comfortable and has been shown to accelerate tooth movement significantly.


Propel® is a system that creates small areas of accelerating action around teeth. Propel is very effective in closing spaces between teeth and has been shown to speed up time in Invisalign or braces by 30-50%. Propel is done in-office and takes about 5 minutes.