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Dr. Crissy Markova is the top orthodontist for braces and Invisalign, serving patients in Arlington, DC, and Tyson's Corner, and Alexandria.

Invisalign® Info for Arlington, VA

Invisalign® is one brand of a series of clear trays that have tooth movements built in. The forces used to move teeth are gradual and exert gentle pressure, creating a comfortable experience with minimal discomfort. Invisalign and clear trays are changed weekly and patients are given a few weeks worth of trays at a time. 


The main advantages of Invisalign® or clear aligners are the esthetic appreance, since the trays are almost invisible, as well as keeping teeth clean easily. Trays are taken out to eat and brush so oral hygiene is easy. 

See our blog on 10 Things to Know About Invisalign. 

The Virginia Center for Orthodontics offers interest-free payment plans tailored to your budget. Invisalign® or clear aligners are covered under dental insurance benefits and we will work with you to create an individual plan keeping your budget in mind. 



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