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Dr. Markova is the #1 orthodontist for hidden braces for adults in Arlington and DC! 

Hidden (lingual) braces go behind your teeth and are completely invisible. You go along your day while your teeth straighten. Compared to clear trays or Invisalign, hidden braces do not require you to take any tray in and out when eating. You can eat and drink normally with lingual braces. Since the braces are working 100% of the time, the timeframe is always faster! This is a huge plus for most professional adults that want to complete orthodontic treatment as quickly as possible. Another advantage is that there are no buttons or attachments showing on the outside of your teeth. We are not kidding when we say no one will know you have invisible braces. 

The hidden braces Dr. Markova uses at VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, VA are Inbrace. The technology behind these lingual braces is really cool (we are nerdy like that!). The braces are completely customized to your teeth with a 3D scan, 3D printing technology, and a robot that bends a special custom wire! This allows us to have fewer appointments and complete the process usually up to 6 months faster. 

Schedule a consultation today to learn about hidden braces!

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