Invisalign® FAQs

Q: Is every patient a candidate for Invisalign®?

A: Most patients make excellent candidates for Invisalign®. However, there are times when braces would be the better option. All treatment options will be fully considered and discussed at your consultation appointment. 


Q: Does Invisalign® cost more than braces?

A: In our office, Invisalign® does not cost more than braces and it is completely up to the patient to decide what will work best with their lifestyle. 


Q: What happens if I don't wear the Invisalign® trays 22 hours per day?

A: Your teeth will not move very efficiently or at all and you might be in treatment for a long time. Discuss your concerns with Dr. Markova to see if hidden braces or clear braces are better options. 


Q: How often do I need to come for appointments with Invisalign®?

A: You will come to our office every 6-8 weeks for appointments.


Q: Do the trays get yellow and gross after wearing them?

A: Dr. Markova takes extra precautions to make sure this doesn't happen. Every patient changes their trays once per week so the Invisalign® trays stay fresh and look great all the time.