Treatments Offered

Ceramic Clear Braces
Ceramic braces are clear and will straighten teeth quickly and effectively while providing an esthetic solution.
Mini Braces
These mini braces offer a smaller design with leading edge features that keeps you more comfortable. The colored bands get changed at every appointment and can show off team spirit or fun holiday colors.
An almost invisible option where patients change trays every week to move teeth. Invisalign can be used to correct almost any kind of malocclusion and works well for adults and teens.
Hidden Braces
Lingual or hidden braces go on the interior part of your teeth and are 100% invisible. They are fully customized to your teeth with self-ligating technology to move teeth with precision and offer comfort.
Early Treatment
Many times early treatment in children can help prevent many issues later on. All children should have a consultation with an orthodontist by age 7. Expanding to make room for teeth, helping teeth come in, and monitoring jaw growth are all part of early treatment or Phase I treatment.
Accelerated Orthodontics
There are 2 options to reduce treatment time by 30-50%. One is Propel, which creates small areas of accelerating action in the bone. The other is Acceledent, which uses vibration to speed up tooth movement.
TMJ Treatment
Many times headaches, grinding at night, muscle pain, and a bite that feels "off" can be signs of TMJ Disorders. We do a thorough exam and work with other doctors to offer different treatments.
Sleep Apnea Appliances
Sleep apnea is when a person cannot breathe in enough air when sleeping and can cause snoring and daytime sleepiness. We work with your medical doctors and can supplement treatment with appliances to help snoring or sleep apnea.
Surgical Orthodontics
Every patient has a full facial analysis by the 6 Elements Philosophy. This takes into account how the teeth relate to the chin, lips, and jaws. If jaw surgery (called orthognathic surgery) is needed, orthodontic care is coordinated with an Oral Surgeon prior to surgery.
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