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VCO Orthodontics, braces ArlingtonVA

Summer Internship

One week observational internship is offered at VCO Orthodontics for middle school and high school students interested in healthcare. 

Interns will learn about:

  • Orthodontic mechanics

  • Braces materials and bonding

  • Panoramic X-rays and pathology

  • Malocclusion terms such as Class II and Class III 

  • Diagnosis of clinical conditions, such as deep bite and gingival recession

  • Sterilization guidelines

  • Course of graduate schooling and residency required to become an Orthodontist

Interns will be required to do a Thesis Project in one of the following areas:

  • Quality Improvement

  • Small Business Management

  • Patient Experience


Certificate of Internship is awarded at the end. 

Interns are responsible for own transportation. The internship hours are flexible during normal business hours and will be for 4 days throughout the course of the week. 

Since internship is in a healthcare environment, interns are required to abide by same standards for patient safety as all members of the team. High level of professionalism is needed and all office protocols must be followed.

We usually receive an overwhelming number of applicants and space is limited to 3 interns for the summer. 

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