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Braces Emergencies


Braces emergencies are rare if you take proper care of your braces and avoid very crunchy foods. Here are a few different braces emergencies and how to take care of them.


Wire poking

As teeth shift, the wire can move and start poking in the back of your mouth. If the wire is poking on one side, see if you can move the wire to the opposite side to alleviate the long end. For immediate relief, place some orthodontic wax on the poking end and come into the office for a quick wire clip. 


Bracket Falls Off

If one of the braces falls off, it can easily be placed back at your next appointment. Please save the bracket and bring it in for us to replace. Braces usually fall off when eating foods that are too crunchy. 


Lost Retainer

Retainers are necessary to keep teeth straight after treatment is complete. If you have lost your retainer, call our office immediately to get a replacement retainer. Teeth can shift in as little as a day, so please call us right away!


Sports Injuries

If there is an accident during sports and you get hit in the face, your teeth, lips, and the  jaw bones might be injured. If teeth are loose or the lip is cut, call Dr. Markova immediately. During accidents that involve the face, please get the proper medical attention first, such a screening for concussions. 

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