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Welcome to VCO's Virtual Consultation! 

Here's how it works: 


Fill out this short questionnaire: Click here

We know you are busy! And are excited to be able to offer you a virtual consultation about orthodontic treatment. The more information you can give Dr. Markova about your concerns and timeline, the better we can help discuss some options with you. 


Send us some photos of your main concern on the questionnaire or email photos to:

The better the photos of your teeth, the better we can assess your situation. Please email us some non-blurry and close-up photos of the things you would like corrected with your or your child's smile. 


Dr. Markova will be in touch with you via email

While we can do a virtual consultation, Dr. Markova will still need to do a thorough evaluation with X-rays and measurements at your first office visit. Here at VCO Orthodontics, we will be giving you or your child the absolute best care possible and are very OCD about teeth! At your first appointment, you will be able to meet the team, have all of your questions answered, and start with braces or Invisalign that same day. 

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