What does "slenderizing" or "stripping" of the teeth mean?

The technical name for this is interproximal reduction (IPR). It is a very common procedure done with Invisalign. The purpose of this stripping is to make some space for crowded teeth to straighten out. Think of this as flossing with a sandpaper-like metal strip. The orthodontist will move the metal strip or use a very thin disk on the hand piece in between your teeth to take away about 0.1-0.4 mm of enamel. This is such a small amount that it is not noticeable and you will not experience any increased risk for cavities in the future. Interproximal reduction is most often needed when you have crowding of your teeth. To straighten teeth out, the orthodontist needs some space to help align the

I want PERFECT TEETH! What is ideal?

Jake Gyllenhaal 's 2 front teeth are very square (no rounded edges). The teeth next to the front ones (lateral incisors) are small and the one on his right side is higher than the left side. While not ideal, he still looks good in my book! There is a gold standard that all orthodontists try to follow when it comes to the perfect teeth! Read below to find out more. 1) Shape of the teeth - Teeth can be more triangular shaped or rectangular shaped. The more rectangular shaped teeth are preferred. However, they can't be too rectangular since then they look like horse teeth - the edges around the teeth should be rounded and curved. 2) Proportions - The 2 front teeth should be rectangular in shap

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