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Do I need teeth extracted for orthodontics? Why?

Sometimes teeth extractions are necessary and can help alleviate crowding, ensure a stable bite, allow the eruption of adult dentition, or speed up treatment. This will be evaluated by the Orthodontist at the initial consultation. Different options may be given and the best course of action will be recommended by the Orthodontist. If you decide to start treatment with VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, Virginia, then Dr. Markova will write you a referral form to take to your general dentist or oral surgeon. She will ensure that the right teeth and the right number of teeth are extracted, if necessary.

The most common reason for extractions is if there is too much crowding and not enough space for the teeth to align properly. The extractions are necessary to create more room to achieve ideal results with orthodontic treatment. When teeth have more space to move into, they tend to move quicker and the results are more ideal. The alternative to not extracting teeth with a lot of crowding can be a longer treatment time and the flaring out of teeth. Protrusion of the upper front teeth (excessive overjet) can also help be corrected by the extraction of teeth. The extraction of teeth can help create space to move the upper front teeth back, creating a more ideal relationship between the upper and lower teeth. A referral might also be written for the extraction of primary or baby teeth. This could be for multiple reasons. Extraction of a baby tooth can allow for faster eruption of the adult tooth and allow for space for the adult tooth to erupt in a more ideal position. It is also important to not extract primary teeth too early because this can lead to space deficiency for the adult teeth in the future. Other reasons can include having supernumerary (or extra) teeth, for symmetry reasons, or midline correction. There are many different reasons for teeth extraction and it is important that you talk to the Orthodontist, feel comfortable, and understand the reasoning before continuing treatment.


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