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Fast Invisalign or Hidden Braces with Combo Treatments!

Since half of my patients are adults, they usually want an aesthetic solution for straightening teeth. As much fun as orthodontics is (for me), patients also want to finish treatment as quickly as possible. My good jokes clearly are not enough to keep people hanging out with me longer! 😉 Over the years, I have developed a lot of mechanics and staging of various tooth movements to make the process as efficient as possible. One of the easiest ways to speed up movements is doing a combination treatment, meaning Invisalign or hidden braces on the upper teeth and regular braces on the lower teeth. Not every patient case is candidate for a combo. The best cases are when there is lower incisor crowding or very rotated lower canines, both of which take a while to correct with Invisalign. In those cases, if we do the aligners on the upper teeth and regular braces on the lower teeth, it can save 6-12 months of treatment time. Regular braces generally work the fastest since there is no waiting for manufacturing time and the pressure levels are higher than aligners, which means teeth move faster.

Let me show you some examples:

This patient chose upper clear aligners and lower ceramic braces. Aesthetically, it looks great since there is almost nothing visible on the upper teeth when smiling and talking and you can barely see the lower ceramic braces! The patient will be finished with treatment in 6 months total.

This patient chose upper hidden braces to close a space on the upper left side and lower ceramic braces to align the lower front teeth. This is the progress, just after 5 months!! That is speedy treatment.

Whether you have a wedding, exciting trip, or big move planned, we can accommodate your short timeline! Set up a complimentary consultation today: 703-774-3070. I’m game and ready to help move your teeth ASAP. :)


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