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How to keep Invisalign Attachments and Invisalign Trays Clean

Many patient choose Invisalign as their orthodontic treatment option for the unnoticeable and clear look of the aligners. While Invisalign is a great, clear cosmetic option, the Invisalign attachments/buttons glued on to your teeth may get stained. A tooth-colored material is used for the attachments; however, Invisalign attachments can get stained from food or drinks consumed or poor oral hygiene habits. It is normal for the attachments to stain a little bit at some point throughout treatment. This can make the button more noticeable and give a yellowish appearance. At VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, these are some of our tips we share with our patients to help prevent the staining of the Invisalign attachments.

We recommend avoiding eating or drinking anything that naturally stains your teeth. Staining is more common if you drink a lot of dark liquids like coffee, tea, or red wine, or eat foods with a strong pigment like turmeric or curries. Blueberries will also stain Invisalign attachments. For darker beverages, it does help to drink through a straw to avoid the discoloration of the Invisalign attachments. It is also important to avoid drinking or eating with the trays in. It is best to take the trays out when drinking anything with color. The drink can get trapped between the teeth and the aligners, making discoloration occur faster. Smoking habits can also easily cause staining of the attachments.

It is also a good idea to rinse out your mouth with water after eating or drinking anything before placing the Invisalign trays back into your mouth. Failing to clean your teeth properly can also lead to more staining and plaque build-up. It is important to make sure you are brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, and removing all food particles around the attachments completely. Poor oral hygiene leads to quicker discoloration of the Invisalign buttons.

Cleaning the Invisalign trays at least once a day helps keep the teeth and attachments clean too. Taking the trays out to eat or drink anything besides water or sparkling water also helps keep the clear appearance of the trays themselves. We recommend a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste and/or antibacterial soap. Do not use anything too abrasive that can ruin the aligners and try to avoid soaking them in mouthwash because they can discolor. It is okay to rinse them in mouthwash, just do not soak them. Another option is using tablets like Retainer Brite to soak your retainers in. Do not use any extreme temperatures like hot or boiling water, the dishwasher, or microwave because it will distort the trays. It is important to use room temperature water while cleaning or rinsing off your aligners.

While the Invisalign attachments may stain over the course of your treatment, they do not cause any type of damage or staining to your teeth themselves. The doctors polish off the attachments at the end of treatment to remove the Invisalign attachments. Sometimes your teeth might have naturally stained from the foods or drinks you were consuming, which would occur with or without the Invisalign buttons present. If this is the case and you feel your teeth are still yellow or stained, you can talk to the doctor about some teeth whitening options at the end of treatment. We do recommend waiting to whiten your teeth until after the attachments are removed.


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