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Scanning technology for Invisalign!

At VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, Virginia, we make Invisalign treatment as easy as possible by staying

up to date with the latest technology. Instead of those yucky, gooey impressions, we use an iTero

intraoral scanner.

This technology allows us to take accurate 3D digital images of your mouth and eliminates the need for

impressions. It can deliver a digital impression that is more accurate than the regular impression. There

is no radiation involved and is completely safe. The scanner digitally captures the structure of the teeth and gums using the latest optical technology. It allows us to see your teeth up close and personal for Invisalign!

The iTero intraoral scanner is a machine with a small, wand-like device attached to it. The scanner wand is compact and hand-held, which helps reduce the risk of gagging and is more comfortable. The mouth is scanned with a

radiation-free laser in as little as 3 minutes. The wand moves around a patient’s mouth and captures thousands of frames per second, which are pieced together to create a 3D visualization of the patient’s mouth. The lower arch, upper arch, and the patient’s bite are all scanned to create the digital impression. The 3D scans are sent digitally, allowing for quicker manufacturing and faster turn around

time for Invisalign.

We use the most updated technology to give our patients the best possible outcome with their Invisalign treatment. Along with Invisalign treatment, our intraoral scanner is also be used to make retainers and nightguards. Say goodbye to impressions, and hello to scanners!


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