What to expect at your New Patient Consultation at VCO Orthodontics!

New patient consultations are both exciting and informative! We understand that patients want to know what to expect and how to best be prepared for their first appointment. We’ve compiled a list of questions that we have gathered from our consultations over the years, to serve as a reference for you before you come in: 1. How can I schedule a new patient consultation? Simply call our office to schedule your appointment or book online at our website! Our staff is highly trained to guide you through your first phone call and gather all the necessary information for your first appointment. We are SO excited that you would like to meet us and start thinking about getting your dream smile! 2. Ho

New Year, New Insurance: Common questions about orthodontic benefits explained.

With so many different insurance companies, policies to choose from, and stipulations for use of benefits, it’s no wonder insurance can get a little confusing when it comes to dental bills and coverage! As for Orthodontic insurance, here are the most important things you need to know! 1. Who is commonly covered for orthodontic treatment? Generally, children up to age 18 or 19 are covered for a certain amount. In some cases, depending on the plan, adults can be covered as well. Many insurance plans have age limits for orthodontic coverage, but we’re always happy to do a courtesy benefits check on your plan to see if you qualify for coverage! If you’re looking for a plan that will cover treatm

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