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Although most people believe Orthodontic treatment is strictly for cosmetic benefits, we at VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, VA believe that with proper patient education we can help explain how the health of the teeth may also benefit from orthodontic care and why x-rays are important.

One of the ways we check kiddos to see if there is enoug

h space for the adult teeth to come in properly is using a panoramic x-ray. Not only does this allow the doctor to see the current teeth in the mouth, but it also shows the teeth developing that aren’t visible to the naked eye and gives an estimated timeline on where the child is in development. For adults, it allows us to make sure all the adult teeth have grown in properly as well and that all baby teeth are gone. Health of the roots of the teeth are also examined to ensure the teeth are moved safely during treatment and that dental work such as crowns are considered with movement and bracket placement, too.

Another x-ray that an orthodontist will take is a cephalometric radiograph. These two-dimensional images allow doctors to look at how the upper and lower teeth meet in order to asses the bite. Along with the bite, doctors are also able to see the placement of the jaw and airways to best plan their treatment and the ideal results for each patient as well. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re worried about radiation received from either of these x-rays, no worries! At VCO Orthodontics we only update x-rays on an as needed basis PLUS our x-ray machines are such low radiation you no longer have to wear the heavy lead vest like before! Our goal at VCO is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, we will explain your treatment as best we can every step of the way, x-rays and all!

We all dream of having a bright, photo-ready smile. At VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, Virginia we can help make that dream come true! Not only do we make whitening your teeth simple and manageable with all lifestyles, but we also provide helpful tips on maintaining those pearly whites to extend your whitening treatments as well!

Whether you just had your braces taken off and want to do finishing touches on that perfect new smile, or you simply want to upgrade the smile you currently have, whitening your teeth is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Teeth bleaching and in-office teeth whitening at VCO Orthodontics, Arlington VA
  1. Ask about either our at-home whitening treatment if you’d like to gradually whiten your teeth at a pace you’re comfortable with! At VCO Orthodontics, we offer custom whitening trays with bleaching concentrations of 10% or 15% depending on your teeth’s sensitivity. This custom whitening treatment allows you to monitor the brightening of your teeth as you go so you can custom tailor the results!

  2. Along with an at-home treatment, we also provide in-office whitening that takes care of your needs in one efficient session! If you’re pressed for time and need results instantly for an upcoming wedding, important event, or simply because you’re one who enjoys instant gratification, we’ve got you covered! Our in-office treatment will have your teeth whiter and brighter in under an hour!

Want to extend the results of your whitening treatment? Maintain those pearly whites with a few helpful dietary tips & tricks! If you’re a big coffee drinker, simply drink it through a straw to prevent your teeth from becoming darker. Are you more of a wine-o? You can use this same straw trick for those pesky red wines that also stain your teeth! Foods such as curry & tomato sauce will also cause staining, so it’s best to avoid eating those while whitening your teeth as well.

We can’t wait to help you achieve your dream smile whether with braces, Invisalign, or whitening! Call today to schedule either option of a whitening treatment if you’d like to freshen up your already gorgeous smile! If you’re a patient in braces or Invisalign, ask about our VIP plan that has custom whitening trays built into the treatment package! Our whitening options are sure to make you SMILE!

Does your little one freeze up when stepping into a dental office? Do they become shy and quiet as soon as someone in a white coat enters the room? Dental anxiety is extremely common for both adults and kids and at VCO Orthodontics in Arlington Virginia we try to not only acknowledge that but help as much as we can to calm any jittery nerves! We’ve put together a few tips to help calm you or your child’s nerves while visiting either the dentist or orthodontist to make your visit as stress-free and positive as possible!

Showing Kids wires and braces at VCO Orthodontics, Arlington VA
  1. Listen to music: while you’re in the dental chair, pop in your headphones and listen to music that soothes or calms you. Whether it’s your favorite dance hit or a peaceful spa station, music is proven to help distract and calm the mind.

  2. Use our weighted blanket: many studies now show that weighted blankets help calm anxiety, whether dental or common everyday concerns and fears. At VCO Orthodontics we have no issues working around what makes you feel comfortable, whether it’s a blanket or stuffed animal that you or your child wants to bring to help with tension!

  3. Focus on your breathing: if you focus on taking deep breaths through your nose when you start to feel your heart rate rise, not only will that help ease your mind and allow you to focus on something other than the procedure, but it will slow your heart rate and therefore make you feel peaceful and at ease.

  4. Before starting any new appointment, we'll show you what to expect. Little kids can be nervous but then find all the stuff we do pretty cool once we show them! :)

In addition to self-care ways of easing your mind and nerves, our office provides fun activities for the kiddos to help encourage positivity within a dental practice and make your experience the best it can be! If you’re a current patient, be sure to ask about our reward system so you know how to earn points at each visit so you can earn prizes! As a new patient, if you’d like to schedule your complimentary consultation, you will be given a full tour of our office so we can highlight all the goodies and activities to make your time here as enjoyable as possible! We can’t wait to help show you just how FUN a dental office can be!

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