Goodbye gooey impressions, Hello Scanner!

Interested in Invisalign, but not a fan of the gooey, messy, gross stuff they call “impressions”? Neither are we at VCO Orthodontics which is why we use the iTero for all our Invisalign patients! Not only is the iTero scanner less messy and an easier process for patients, but it is more precise, can be stored to a file immediately and is sent directly to the Invisalign team the same day to ensure a speedy delivery for your aligners! We at VCO Orthodontics believe by utilizing this method of accuracy we yield better results and therefore our patients are highly satisfied with their smiles post treatment as well! As for efficiency, the iTero scanning process takes roughly the same time as taki

Colorful style to your braces!

If you have braces you’ve experienced the joy of picking a color to put on them at each appointment. Have you ever wondered exactly what the colors are for? As fun as they are, they DO serve a purpose in your treatment as well as adding style to your smile! Braces are made up of many separate components in order to work on achieving that photo-ready smile. In addition to the brackets that stick on your teeth, a wire is put in place to help move the teeth into a better position and in order for the wire to stay in place the colors are put on. Without these beautiful colors the wire does not fully “engage” into the brackets, meaning it is not able to fully do its job by being pressed against t

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