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Goodbye gooey impressions, Hello Scanner!

Interested in Invisalign, but not a fan of the gooey, messy, gross stuff they call “impressions”? Neither are we at VCO Orthodontics which is why we use the iTero for all our Invisalign patients!

Not only is the iTero scanner less messy and an easier process for patients, but it is more precise, can be stored to a file immediately and is sent directly to the Invisalign team the same day to ensure a speedy delivery for your aligners! We at VCO Orthodontics believe by utilizing this method of accuracy we yield better results and therefore our patients are highly satisfied with their smiles post treatment as well! As for efficiency, the iTero scanning process takes roughly the same time as taking molds of the teeth, which is just another reason why our team absolutely LOVES the scanning option.

We aim to ensure a terrific smile, patient satisfaction and an experience that’s second-to-none and we are positive that the scanner will play a key role in that!

Schedule your complimentary consultation today for Invisalign in Arlington, VA to find out if Invisalign and the iTero scanner could be the perfect treatment option for you!

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