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Colorful style to your braces!

If you have braces you’ve experienced the joy of picking a color to put on them at each appointment. Have you ever wondered exactly what the colors are for? As fun as they are, they DO serve a purpose in your treatment as well as adding style to your smile!

Braces are made up of many separate components in order to work on achieving that photo-ready smile. In addition to the brackets that stick on your teeth, a wire is put in place to help move the teeth into a better position and in order for the wire to stay in place the colors are put on. Without these beautiful colors the wire does not fully “engage” into the brackets, meaning it is not able to fully do its job by being pressed against the bracket adding pressure to achieve movement. In this photo below, the color is silver - this color blends in with the braces.

Braces colors silver at VCO Orthodontics

Consider this fun fact when picking out your next color for your braces, maybe go with something bright and colorful to acknowledge the important role these little guys play in making your smile absolutely perfect! If nothing else, enjoy the addition of style to your smile throughout your braces treatment! At VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, we have over 26 colors to choose from. Take a look! Can you guess which color is Dr. Markova's favorite?

Braces colors at VCO Orthodontics, Arlington VA

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