Sports and Braces: Tips on Protecting Your Smile

At VCO Orthodontics in Arlington Virginia, we totally understand how important and exciting sports and athletics are! Many of our patients participate on local teams and parents routinely ask us what to do to protect teeth while braces are on. Listed below are our top 3 tips for making sports with braces simple, easy, and comfortable! When picking a mouthguard for any contact sports, make sure you choose one made specifically for braces. Instead of getting the style that you boil to form to your teeth, find one that fits over top of the appliances comfortably and cover the teeth fully to ensure protection. Not only do we sell this style mouthguard in our office, but you can get them at any s

Kid-Friendly Orthodontist: Monkeys, cookie bar, and rewards..OH MY!

When you first step into VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, VA you may expect to find braces galore, however, would you anticipate COOKIES? That’s right, freshly baked cookies made multiple times daily are one of the many ways we at VCO Orthodontics like to keep our office kid friendly & FUN! Worried about sugar at a dental office? No worries! Our open access brushing station has you covered! Along with cookies, you may also notice our colorful world map in the waiting area. Filled with an array of patients pinned all over the world, our fun monkey travel map is another way our patients enjoy our office! If you or your entire family have a fun vacation coming up, make sure to mention it during y

LINGUAL BRACES: The Hidden Secret to a Beautiful Smile

Are you considering braces but concerned with the cosmetic impact of having metal in your mouth? Fear no more! VCO in Arlington, Virginia is the ONLY provider of lingual, or hidden, braces! Unlike the traditional braces, these invisible braces goes on the inside of the teeth, making them completely hidden from plain sight! Along with the cosmetic benefits of hidden braces, these special brackets work just as quickly as traditional braces, making them more efficient than clear aligner treatments! Another perk of this treatment style is how easy it is to maintain good oral hygiene; not only are you able to brush more easily, but flossing is a breeze! Instead of having to use special flossers l

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