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LINGUAL BRACES: The Hidden Secret to a Beautiful Smile

Are you considering braces but concerned with the cosmetic impact of having metal in your mouth? Fear no more! VCO in Arlington, Virginia is the ONLY provider of lingual, or hidden, braces! Unlike the traditional braces, these invisible braces goes on the inside of the teeth, making them completely hidden from plain sight!

Along with the cosmetic benefits of hidden braces, these special brackets work just as quickly as traditional braces, making them more efficient than clear aligner treatments! Another perk of this treatment style is how easy it is to maintain good oral hygiene; not only are you able to brush more easily, but flossing is a breeze! Instead of having to use special flossers like you would with standard braces, you can use regular floss to get in between the teeth without damaging any appliances!

Similar to standard braces, expect to have an adjustment period as you get familiar with having something new added to your smile. While the braces are on, you will want to avoid really crunchy foods that may pop the braces off, or any sticky foods that will be hard to clean off of the braces (we know, we know, popcorn and taffy candies are going to be hard to put down!) It may also take a few days or weeks to adjust to speaking with the braces, however, the temporary adjustment period is TOTALLY worth the end results!

We are sure you will love hidden braces if you’re looking for an efficient treatment option that offers ideal results while also being esthetically pleasing during the process! Schedule for your FREE consultation today to see if hidden braces are a good choice for you!

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