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Sports and Braces: Tips on Protecting Your Smile

At VCO Orthodontics in Arlington Virginia, we totally understand how important and exciting sports and athletics are! Many of our patients participate on local teams and parents routinely ask us what to do to protect teeth while braces are on. Listed below are our top 3 tips for making

sports with braces simple, easy, and comfortable!

  1. When picking a mouthguard for any contact sports, make sure you choose one made specifically for braces. Instead of getting the style that you boil to form to your teeth, find one that fits over top of the appliances comfortably and cover the teeth fully to ensure protection. Not only do we sell this style mouthguard in our office, but you can get them at any sports store such as Dick’s Sporting Goods as well.

  2. Once you find a sports guard for braces, decide which style option will work best for you. Many of the guards come with a helmet strap for sports that require head protection. If you play a sport that does not require a helmet but find that type of guard to be most comfortable, you can simply trim off the strap with a pair of scissors! We can always see you for a simple appointment to do an in-office fitting and make any necessary adjustments to your guard as well! We are always here to help.

  3. In addition to the mouthguard, you can also use the protectant wax that we give you for any non-contact sports to add a barrier between the teeth and cheeks or lips to be more comfortable as well. Although the wax will not help protect against any impact, it may make talking during a game more comfortable so that your cheeks do not rub against the brackets. If you ever need more wax during treatment, just ask an assistant and we can hook you up!

Enjoy the game while working on that picture-perfect smile at the same time! Don’t let braces slow you down when it comes to sports!

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