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Kid-Friendly Orthodontist: Monkeys, cookie bar, and rewards..OH MY!

When you first step into VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, VA you may expect to find braces galore, however, would you anticipate COOKIES? That’s right, freshly baked cookies made multiple times daily are one of the many ways we at VCO Orthodontics like to keep our office kid friendly & FUN! Worried about sugar at a dental office? No worries! Our open access brushing station has you covered!

Along with cookies, you may also notice our colorful world map in the waiting area. Filled with an array of patients pinned all over the world, our fun monkey travel map is another way our patients enjoy our office! If you or your entire family have a fun vacation coming up, make sure to mention it during your visit in order to take a mascot monkey with you! Snap a fun photo on your trip with the monkey, email it to us, and you too can join all the fun on the board! Take a peek at the map at your next visit to check out if anyone else has been to your upcoming vacation destination!

Curious about our rewards station standing near the fun travel map? Ask one of our staff members the different ways you can earn points at each of your visits to start building for a prize! By doing a great job brushing your teeth, making it to each appointment on time, and following our Instagram and Facebook pages, you can earn enough points for a reward in no time! Our prizes change often, so be sure to check the tower at each visit to see what’s new!

We can’t wait for you to join all the fun when you come into our office! Our consultations are NO charge if you’re a new patient, so call today to schedule your first visit! We hope with our service and treatment to help bring your smile to life! :)

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