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What are hidden or invisible braces?

I get very excited about these kinds of braces! Invisible braces are called "lingual braces." They go on the inside of your teeth and no one can see them when you are smiling or speaking. They are a great option for adults and teens that don't want to be wearing traditional braces. A lot of times people go back and forth between Invisalign and lingual braces. Both are excellent options. Let's go over the pros and cons of invisible braces.


  • Completely esthetic since no one can see them.

  • Easier to clean than regular braces.

  • No white spots after taking the braces off.

  • Can fix anything that traditional braces can fix.

  • They are completely customized to fit your teeth, with individual sets of wires and braces for you, which are more accurate.


  • Interfere with speaking for a few days-2 weeks until you get used to them.

  • Might cause little sores on your tongue until it toughens up.

  • Expensive! The companies charge a lot to manufacture these braces since they are completely customized for you.

  • More emergency appointments if the wire is sticking out since you can feel it on the inside with your tongue.

Ask Dr. Markova about invisible braces today! Call our office for a FREE consultation: 703-774-3070.

Here is a patient talking about their experience with lingual braces:

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