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Fantastic elastics!!

We understand that braces are a lot to adjust to and that adding orthodontic rubber bands may be the last thing you’d like to put on your daily “to-do” list but take a moment to see exactly WHY elastics are important in your overall treatment!

While the brackets, wires and other devices we place on your teeth are great for straightening to give you that gorgeous, Hollywood smile, sometimes your bite and jaw alignment need a little extra push (or pull in this instance!). Rubber bands add tension to your teeth and jaw in order to bring your bite together so that your teeth are not only more aligned but your bite is comfortable and even for years to come. In our opinion, we think that is just…jaw-esome!

For those of you sporting braces as a secondary accessory, rubber bands come in a variety of colors in addition to the clear neutral choice. Be sure to ask Dr. Markova at you next appointment for colored neon rubber bands if you’d like to add extra style to your smile!

You may be wondering if there are any drawbacks to wearing those pesky rubber bands when you first have them assigned to your treatment. Don’t worry, they get easier over time just as the braces did when you first got them! In fact, wearing your rubber bands like a champ can actually help speed up your treatment time, therefore leaving the only “negative” aspect completely up to you: if you do not wear the rubber bands, you’ll have to wear them longer to achieve the results that are ideal. We know you can do it and it will be SO worth it when you see the end results and your amazing smile is revealed to you!

VCO Orthodontics, Arlington, VA. Rubber Bands

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