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Fast braces in Arlington VA? On your mark, get set, SMILE!

Do you ever wonder if there is a way to speed up your treatment and achieve faster results? With AcceleDent, a soft pulse technology tool used in orthodontics, you can! This technology works with both braces and Invisalign.

We won’t bore you with the biological and physiological study facts. Simply put AcceleDent is a removable mouthpiece that uses light vibrations to add soft movement to your teeth, helping guide them along to their ideal spots between your routine adjustment appointments. From clinical studies, patients who used AcceleDent found that treatment finished faster and discomfort was significantly reduced!

You may be asking, “So, what’s the catch?” Our accelerated technology is SO easy to use and only takes a few minutes a day to help speed things along! Simply position the mouthpiece between your top and bottom teeth, gently bite down on it, turn the device on, and hold in place for 10 minutes! Big on multitasking? You can easily do homework, read a book, or watch your favorite TV show during an AcceleDent session and the time will fly by with each use!

Ask Dr. Markova at your next appointment ask us about Acceledent if you’d like to have faster results; we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help you achieve the PERFECT smile in a fraction of the time! Fast braces. Fast Invisalign. Delivered. See your local Arlington orthodontist today.

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