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Top 5 Things to Know about Adult braces in Arlington, VA

You are not alone! Adults with braces are so common now and you should never feel embarrassed about doing something healthy for your teeth! The number of adults with braces has increased 150% over the past few years as more and more patients are realizing the benefits of a beautiful smile.

  1. Adult braces are very fast. Compared to clear trays or Invisalign, adults with braces can finish treatment in only a few months under the care of a specialized orthodontist. Braces allow the teeth to move safely but faster, especially for teeth that are overcrowded or teeth with gaps to close up.

  2. Adult braces are almost invisible. There are clear braces, or ceramic braces, available that are excellent options for adults. These braces are comfortable and cannot be seen if someone is standing a few feet away from you. Also, clear braces barely show up in photos – another added benefit!

  3. Adult braces for shifting of a few teeth. Let’s say you’ve had braces when you were a kid but your teeth have shifted or crowded up, especially on the lower front teeth. This is a very common problem. I have so many patients that have this minor shifting and with adult braces on just the lower teeth, we can straighten them out in 2-4 months. That’s SUPER FAST! You also can’t see the clear braces on the lower teeth since your lips cover them up. There’s no need to mess with Smile Direct Club or other online, do-it-yourself services when you can see an orthodontist specialist and get the results you want.

  4. Worried you’re too old for adult braces? That’s silly. My patients range from 18 years – 77 years old and most adult braces patients are in their 40’s. With braces on, you come in and I do my thing…no need to add any extra stress to your life while your teeth and bite are getting straightened out. See the best orthodontist in Arlington, VA today for adult braces! 😉

One of our awesome patients below did a 400-mile bike race...WITH ADULT BRACES! Mom of two kiddos. Unstoppable.

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