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BRACE yourself for your kid's orthodontics!

Orthodontist braces in Arlington, VA

As a parent, you are just as affected when your child goes through a new experience such as orthodontic treatment. So, what should YOU expect and prepare for with the first appointment, the appointments for adjustments, and the day of the BIG reveal when braces come off??

Excitement for braces can vary between patients, so whether your young one comes in all smiles or you’re having to nudge them along to get the braces on, we try our best to make your kid's orthodontic experience as fun and easy as possible. Initial appointments are generally longer as they include records, photos, x-rays, and prepping the teeth for the braces, and putting the braces on. Come prepared with a book, your laptop, or feel free to watch the appointment in case you may have any questions! We will go over all instructions at the end of the appointment, so you and your child are both fully aware of the ins & outs of braces and how to maintain a healthy smile during treatment.

Following the first appointment there will be an adjustment period where your child will get used to the feeling of the braces, what foods to avoid, how to brush and clean the teeth while braces are on, and they may experience some tenderness as the mouth adjusts to all the excitement that’s starting! Soft, comfort foods are commonly ideal the evening of and the following day of getting the braces on, so it may be best to have their favorite mac n’ cheese already baked and ready to go!

Routine appointments, or adjustment appointments, are a breeze! One of the main benefits of braces is that WE make any necessary changes at each appointment to continue the progression of the teeth. This is much easier on the patient so that between appointments, while your child is busy with their day-to-day activities, treatment is extremely worry free! Most routine appointments are quick and easy, and we do our best to inform you what is happening at each appointment, as well as what will happen at the following appointment, so that everyone stays on the same page!

Braces are ready to come off, what exactly does this mean?? For both the patient and the parent when we take braces off it is a very exciting day! You’ve both been through treatment, all the appointments, and are ready for the reveal of a beautiful, new smile! Similar to the first visit, the final appointment is a longer one since we need to update the chart records, take the braces off, give a final polish, and make retainers all within the same appointment! We appreciate your patience as you celebrate FINALLY being done with braces! Retainers are given to your child and are very important to wear every night.

If you EVER have any questions during treatment, you may always feel free to reach out to us at VCO Orthodontics, in Arlington VA...whether with a quick phone call, or a detailed email. We are happy to guide you on this exciting journey to a beautiful smile and want to make this experience the BEST that it can be!

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