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Braces for Adults

There's no age limit on perfection!

Think braces are just for kids? Think again! Many have the common misconception that braces, or orthodontic work in general, are restricted to a certain age group and that they wouldn't be able to receive treatment. However, that is simply not the case! Although some techniques for treatment may be different in order to achieve ideal results, adults are able to have full braces for not only teeth alignment but for bite correction as well!

Debating between Invisalign or braces for your treatment? Listed below are benefits of each type of treatment so that you may weigh the pros and cons prior to deciding!


Invisalign trays are famous for being a discrete orthodontic option, ideal for those whose major concern is visibility of appliances while perfecting their smile! Trays are to be worn typically a week each and the patient switches to each tray on their own! If you are well organized and great at sticking to a routine, this option may be the right fit for you!


Braces are a tried and true orthodontic method which are now available not only in the traditional metal standard, but in a clear ceramic option to be less visible as well! With braces, the patient lets the wires and brackets do the work for them and simply comes in for adjustments handled by our clinical staff! For most patients, braces give ideal results in a shorter timeline than other orthodontic treatment options which can be preferred depending on if you’re planning your smile around big events such as a wedding!

Come in for your FREE consultation at VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, VA to see which option would be best for giving you a picture-perfect smile. You are NEVER too old to treat yourself to a gorgeous, new smile!

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