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Overcrowding: Not enough space? You’ve come to the right place!

Have you noticed your teeth are overlapping or crowded? You are not alone! Many people find as their adult teeth grow in there’s simply not enough space for them to line up perfectly. At VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, Virginia we have many treatment options to fix crowded teeth…and quickly!

You may be wondering, aside from a cosmetic standpoint, why crowded teeth are an issue that need to be fixed. When teeth are overlapping, or tightly pushed together in the mouth, keeping them clean can become a problem. Not only is it hard to brush the full surface of teeth that are crowded, but flossing can also become more difficult. Thankfully, with treatment options like clear aligners, Invisalign or braces we can straighten teeth in as little as a few appointments!

Now, let’s talk appearance! Many of our patients come into their initial consultations feeling as though their teeth look dark in photos when they’re behind one another, that some teeth look like they’re missing completely, or that they don’t like the look of their smile because their teeth are “crooked” or crowding. Lining teeth up in their ideal position will not only make the smile look nicer but will make the teeth look whiter and brighter as well! Isn’t it great when things have dual benefits for health AND appearance?

Want Dr. Markova to take a look at your crowded or overlapped teeth? Our consultations for treatment are completely FREE! Simply call us or book online to schedule a time to come in and see us! We can’t wait to work with you towards a perfect smile!

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