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Gaps & Spaces? Use Invisalign or braces!

Close gaps with Invisalign in Arlington, VA

One of the most common issues we come across during our new patient consults are spaces or gaps between teeth that seem to worsen over time. Most people become aware of the spacing and not only want to close it for the appearance but also because food gets easily trapped between the teeth as well. At VCO Orthodontics in Arlington, Virginia we have different tips and tricks to not only close the gaps but to keep them closed long term once treatment is done! YAY TRICKS!

Fixed retainer behind the teeth in Arlington VA

In order to close spacing between the teeth, clear aligners like Invisalign or braces can be used! Over time, you will see your smile begin to transform as the gaps disappear and a beautiful smile takes over! Once the spaces are closed, the most important thing is retainer wear to make sure they do not reopen. Permanent retainers are very popular, especially between the two front teeth, to help keep gaps closed since they can be stubborn and want to open right back up! A permanent retainer is a small metal bar that’s cemented behind the teeth for added stability. (To read more about permanent retainers, click HERE for our blog post!)

Clear retainers are another way to keep spaces closed after treatment and are so easy to wear! They are very thin, comfortable, and completely clear so you can’t see them BUT you only have to wear them at night, so even easier! If you are interested in closing spacing between your teeth, call to schedule your free consultation for braces or Invisalign in Arlington, VA.

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